I am an artist, a Jeweler and a certified arts and crafts instructor who lives in Roi in the Jordan Valley – Israel. “A person is his homeland’s nature’s pattern” (from a Hebrew saying, meaning that you are shaped by the environment you live in). I draw my inspiration from my natural surroundings: From living close to nature, working in agriculture and flower growing, from watching , listening to and collecting pieces of nature within my reach.  Nature speaks to me and I interpret this language into unique, handmade pieces of jewelry created through the use of special techniques learned from artists around the world. The main material I use in my work is silver embedded with gems or pearls. I invite you to browse through my Jewelry shop and purchase a piece that resonates with you. Whether as a special gift for yourself, a friend or a family member, I will work with you to design and create a custom piece of jewelry made of silver or gold, embedded with gems or pearls.  I can interpret your thoughts and ideas and bring them to life in a beautiful custom design. For my clients living in or visiting Israel, I offer a variety of 2 ½ hours workshops, designed for small groups of 6-7 participants, anywhere in Israel. Whether for a present for a family member or for yourself, we can design and create together a piece of jewelry made of silver or gold plated copper-wires, embedded with gems or Peals .The hosting party gets the workshop free. Instructions can be given in Hebrew, Arabic or English. contact me.


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