About Us:
What is U-Boutique.com?
U-Boutique.com is an Israeli based Internet and e-commerce marketplace which was created to showcase the artistic, handmade, self-designed or creative works of talented Israeli artisans and designers. Most of the art or gift items featured on U-Boutique are handmade, crafted or produced as a one of a kind item. U-Boutique does not represent large businesses or feature mass produced gift or souvenir items.
Where is U-Boutique located?
We are based in Israel.
The original concept, conceived by the U-Boutique team, is to offer a user friendly site, designed to add the element of fun to the online shopping experience of buying Israeli goods and supporting Israeli small businesses.
Buying products on U-Boutique.com:
Who am I buying from here?
U-Boutique.com is a multi-vendor platform, and as such showcases many talented artisans and designers from Israel. Orders are made directly through the shops owners displaying on U-Boutique Shops.
U-Boutique maintains contact with all shop owners displayed on this site. In order to ensure the highest levels of trust & credibility, we individually approve our shop owners who must accept the terms of our agreement. In the event you experience a problem, we request that you contact us.

How can I buy something on U-Boutique.com?
Have you found a unique item, and want to buy it? Then just click on the green button “Purchase\".
You will be directed to the shopping cart. In case you haven’t registered yet you can do so by clicking the link in the bar at the top of the page. If you are already registered with U-Boutique.com, then you only need to enter your shipping details, and you’re set!
Your purchase will be confirmed via email, from U-Boutique & PayPal. You are welcome to put more than one item from various sellers into your shopping Cart. The Shop owners will each get in touch with you individually.
Can I make a purchase without a U-Boutique.com account?
Buying on U-Boutique.com has never been easier!
Fill in only a few basic details or use your Facebook account to register. Simply add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and begin the checkout process. Make sure to select a shipping location and fill in all of the required information.
After you have paid, you will receive an order confirmation email from U-Boutique and PayPal. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can get in touch with the seller directly.
What do I do if forgot my username and/or password?
If you forget your password, it\'s no problem! This happens to all of us. Simply go to the login page and click the Forgot your password? link. Enter your email address and we will email you a confirmation link.
Orders & Payment:
What happens after I place an order?
Following your purchase, you will receive two confirmation emails, one from U-Boutique and one from PayPal. Here you can find all detailed related to the purchase, in particular the total price including shipping costs and details.
Once the seller has received your payment, they will send your order out to your shipping address.
How can I pay?       
Payments can be transferred via your PayPal account or using various credit cards through PayPal\'s secure system.
Shipping and Shipping Costs:         
What should I be aware of when it comes to shipping costs?
For each item, national and international shipping costs are indicated on the product page.
It could be that your shipping costs could change according to the number of items you order, and which shipping method you have chosen. For example, sellers can provide a shipping discount when you buy more than one item from them in a single order.
You should also always take note of any additional information provided regarding payment & shipping. Just click on the \"Shop policies\" tab on the product page to get the info you need.
Contacting the Seller:
How can I get in touch with a seller?
You can get in touch with the seller of your item or an item you’re interested in at any time.
You have the option on every product page, using the button \"Contact Seller“. Just click it to directly reach the seller of the product in question.
In addition every seller has a phone number they can be reached on.                                      
Dealing with Problems:           
What should I do if I haven’t received my order?
If you have not received a product you purchased on U-Boutique.com, please first check if the payment you made to the seller through your PayPal or Credit card was successful, and if so, when the payment was made. If payment was successful, then please get in touch with the seller and enquire about the shipping of your order. If you’re still experiencing problems, then just send us an email at [email protected], and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.
What if there’s a problem with the item I purchased?
If the products, which you have received, do not meet your expectations, then please get in touch with the seller, to see if you can mutually find a solution. If you can’t come to an agreement, then send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll try to help you find a solution as soon as possible.