Ever since I can remember I loved to draw and create. Over the years I flirted with colors and brushes in a fascinating process of searching and self-expression. The beautiful area where I grew up, and where I live today, and all the wonderful people that I’ve met, all help to inspire the spring of my creativity. With the birth of my first child, Tamar, I felt my work take a new and clear direction. I realized that my creativity and ideas led in the direction of kids decorations and families. Slowly my hobby became a profession. Now I am focusing on accessories for children's rooms and nursery decor - A colorful and youthful line filled with beauty and meaning. The inspiration for my work comes mostly from my natural environment and the beauty of creation. A new flower blooming near my workshop, a girl with a colorful dress that passes me on the street, the changing seasons, watching hens laying eggs in the yard – all this and more inspire my designs. I offer sets of highly recomended coordinated items that will give your childs room an elegant and fun atmosphere. My Judaica for kids is most popular and Uniqe. Mezuzah,Hamsa from Israel, and Home Blessing are hand made in a very different and special style. In my collection you can find Decorative, Growth Charts, Kids Clocks, Shelves for children rooms, Handpainted Toy Boxes, sets of Tables and Chairs for Children, Hand painted art for Children rooms, Kids Mirrors, Clocks for babies and children’s rooms and much more. I invite you to discover the unique design & quality, and I hope you enjoy using my products. You can visit my web site as well www.sharongold.co.il

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