Hi, my name is Shoshi and ever since I can remember I loved to create! I create with textiles, I am sewing, crocheting and knitting.
A few years ago I had to stop work for some health issues, and I found that I can use my old hobby as a "occupational therapy". I always liked crafts, sewing and knitting.
At first I used to give my creations as a gifts to family and friends, but when I saw that people like what I make, I decided to open my shop.
The shop is called "Shusha" - nickname that stayed with me ever since high school.
In my shop you will find accessories for girls and women, accessories for nursery rooms, dolls, toys and more. Every product that make you and your child's happy! I use high-quality cotton fabrics, wool and embroidery thread, and I combine my work all my skills - sewing, embroidery and knitting. Each item is unique and made ​​by hand invested in love, emotion and attention. I invite you to discover the unique design and quality, and I hope you enjoy using my products. Thank - you !

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