Love Bags - So decided making them

I Love Bags - So I decided to make them

My business was launched in 2011, after many years of searching for my passion.
I am a mother of seven, and a young grandmother. We live in a quiet, rural area, surrounded by nature from which I fuel the inspiration to create.

My uniqueness as an artist, is drawn from the beauty of creation, studying in workshops and one on one interactions, but not via the regular school route.

The creative force behind my work is a reflection of the environment in which I live. I try to mimic the physicality and textures of nature in my designs. The world around me is my inspiration, and it stimulate my imagination, hence, new designs are born.

My creations are characterized by a clean, minimalist style. They are a melding of color, form and material, simplicity and sophistication, all while maintaining superior functionality.
The materials I use are imported from around the world, Italy, Turkey, Damascus, Morocco. I choose the materials in harmony with the designs I create; and of course, quality and high standards of workmanship are a priority.

My vision is to be able to create a chic and beautiful line of womens' bags, to accommodate every need. Style, fun and sophistication, as well as a high level of functionality goes into designing the perfect bag to carry you through your day.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for your time,

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