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The pendant is made of sterling silver. It is shaped as a heart and engraved with a wave shape. At its center you see Hebrew gold words ESHET CHAYIL, which means: Woman of Valor.
A perfect gift to a Bat Mitzva girl, for a mother bitrhday or a grand mother, or any woman to show her our love and apriciation.
The necklace's chain is made of sterling silver and decorated with Rose Quartz beads.
It is possible to have this design with other semi precios stones such as Turquoise, Onyx, Tiger Eye, and other stones. Please ask me about this option.

The chain is 16 inches / 40 cm long. You can have it longer by adding an extension chain at this link:

The pendant is 1.25 inches / 32 mm long and 1 inch / 25 mm wide approx.

Chapter 31 of the Book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible
The 10th to 31st verses of the chapter are called Eisheth Ḥayil (אשת חיל). It is a praise of the "ideal woman" in Judaism. This "Woman of Worth" has been described as the personification of wisdom, and the ideal woman.
It is one of the thirteen alphabetical acrostic poems in the Bible.
Traditionally, the Eisheth Ḥayil was viewed as written by King Solomon.
This chapter is recited on Friday night, before Shabbat dinner in some Jewish homes. Some see this as a praise directed from the husband to his wife.
The word חיל (Ḥayil) appears in verses 10 and 29 of the passage, thought as the summary of the good woman's character. Traditionally it has been translated "virtuous" or "noble." Some scholars have suggested that it rather means "forceful," "mighty," or "valiant".

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This jewelry design is made of Genuine and authentic precious metals: Sterling silver and gold. (Not gold plated or silver plated).
The stones are genuine natural semi precious stones
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