Banded White and black agate and 925 ball bracelet for men and women, gemstone bracelets, jewelry from Israel, bracelet from Israel

Galit Finor
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Banded Agate Bracelet, White and black agate and silver 925 bracelet for men and women, Banded Onyx Jewelry, black and white onyx

Black agate bracelet is a stylish accessory. This Men's Bracelet is a good choice for your yoga bracelet. Agate jewelry is always the perfect choice for everyone.

This banded agate has contrasting black and white bands. They are intricate and detailed. As it's a real gemstone, every bead will have a slightly different look as you can see in the photos. Overall great quality black and white banded agate bracelet.

Agate is a variety of the mineral quartz. It is a colorful and varied group of gemstones. Most of the agates are characterized by different bands of colors, and some have patterns that resemble branches and landscapes. Because of its unique patterns, it is used for jewelry, ornaments, and even knife handles and carved figures throughout history.