Natural 3mm black Hematite bracelet, Hematite Jewelry, 925 ball bracelet, root chakra bracelet, hematite jewelry, bracelet from Israel

Galit Finor
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Natural 3mm Hematite crystal bracelet for men or women, Hematite Jewelry, Balance Bracelet, Root Chakra Bracelet, Gift for Him, Meditation

Stylish, comfortable, and chic bracelet. Bracelet  925 sterling silver with a 6mm round matte stone threaded on it.

Hematite offers the ability to assist you in grounding, balancing, centering, clearing energy, as well as helping to keep you calm. This 8mm bracelet has weight and you feel its powerful energies.

absorbs negative energy and calms in times of worry Has a positive effect in business and career fieldsIf you have a flighty mind it calms the energy which will then calm the mind Hematite is one of the best stones to wear if you are waiting to climb up the career ladder or your wanting to be successful in a new job This stone helps keep you far away from drama which will help you lead a more positive life Hematite helps you appreciate the hear and now and makes you grateful for the things you have. Hematite contains iron so can help with iron deficiencys and heart related conditionsHematite can stop nightmares and aid in a more peaceful nights sleep Hematite worn as a bracelet over your pulse points increases the energies