My Israel pendant, Israeli olive wood engraved necklace map of Israel Charms art P210

Wooden Judaica art
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This handmade slice of natural olive wood memorized pendant made beautiful My Israel pendant, and my own Designed with love. The olive tree is from Israel the holy land. It is very important for the Jewish tradition.
The olive tree mention in the bible a lot times.
This wood is very hard and looks very nice.
Engraved on the olive wood slice Map of Israel
With the image of the Map of Israel sign
Very nice souvenir from the holy land Israel
The dimensions of the wood are: H 2 Inch, W 0.9 Inch, T 0.2 Inch (max)
Weight 4 Grams
The coin not include is only a reference for the size
Include blue leather cord.

Designed by Benny Hershkowitz Israel