NOAH'S ARK -Genesis 6-12

Ellen's Bible Art
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Genesis 6-12 creates lively ark and rainbow
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16.5" x 11.8"
42.0 x 29.5 cm

Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark is perhaps the most familiar tale in the Bible. Now Ellen Miller Braun has taken this beloved story and created a whimsically colorful display of Noah, his Ark and the animals for both young and old alike to adore. Enjoy the scene of the peace loving dove and the promised rainbow cascading color over the ark. Noah and his cast of creatures large and small ride high on the water spout of two frolicking whales.

In her lively rendition, Ellen repeats the Torah Portion, Noah, Genesis: 6-12, seven times. As we all know the animals boarded the ark two by two; one male and one female of each “kind.” However, of the “clean” or “kosher” animals, G-d commanded Noah to bring seven males and seven females. Ellen’s seven repetitions of the portion represent the sets of seven "clean" animals saved from the flood. These repetitions also symbolize the seven Noahide laws that were established after the flood. This exquisite micro calligraphy creation is a delight for children and the child in each and every one of us keeping this story close to our hearts and the important message that comes with it.

Signed/numbered Giclee available upon request