Ellen's Bible Art
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The entire Book of Jonah
Digital reproduction
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16.5" x 11.8"
42.0 x 29.5 cm

“Jonah and the Whale”
comes to life in this enchanting aquatic creation by Ellen Miller Braun.

A magical undersea world unfolds before us as Ellen Miller Braun writes the Book of Jonah in micro calligraphy, creating this frolicking, smiling whale, which teams with sea creatures large and small, floating and swimming, as they share space with the prophet Jonah. Having been swallowed by the whale, Jonah, according to Scriptures, spends 3 days and nights reflecting on his past actions (causing this “whale of a story”) and praying for salvation as he contemplates his future.

Questions abound as you explore Jonah with your child, in this undersea learning expedition: How many starfish can you find? Where is the turtle and what is he doing? Do you see the snail? Even clams, crabs and seahorses accompany Jonah on his spiritual journey, along with fish of all colors, shapes and sizes.

You Will have fun teaching your youngest loved ones the story of Jonah while splashing along with the curious octopus enjoying a whale of a ride, as he includes us in this adventurous Biblical story - all in a picture you will cherish for a lifetime!

Signed/numbered Giclee available upon request