BLESSING OF THE HOME-Isaiah 65:21-23/Kings 1 5:5

Ellen's Bible Art
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Isaiah 65:21-23/Kings 1 5:5 Bless your home with fig trees and grape vines
Digital re-production
Blessing of the Home - Birkat HaBayit
16.5″ x 11.8″
42.0 x 29.5 cm

Vibrant song birds, graceful butterflies, bountiful fig trees, luscious grape vines, palm and pine trees; this profusion of color with roses and hibiscus all exquisitely detailed, flow along from day to month, season after season in this Blessing of the Home. Ellen Miller Braun shares with you the great tranquility, joy and hope for the present and the future that envelop her when she gazes from this inspiring, picturesque view from her home in the heart of Samaria, Israel.
Ellen often uses gematria, Jewish numerology, with her work, where the letters of the Hebrew alphabet have numerical value. This Blessing of the Home has the Scriptural verses written 166 times. Why 166? One hundred sixty five micro calligraphy inscriptions create the homes and gardens surrounding the central window. The letters of the Hebrew expression "L'Chayim Tovim" – For a Good Life, equal 165. One additional inscription in the center of the piece represents the singular "Spirit of G-d," "Ruach HaKodesh." With His Blessing, the Gift of Life flows into and through our homes. A Blessed Home is truly a Good Life. May we all be so blessed.
"They dwelt in safety, each man under his vine and under his fig tree…And they built houses and inhabit them, and they planted vineyards and eat the fruit of them…And my chosen ones shall long enjoy the work of their hands…for they are the seed of the blessed of the L-rd and their offspring with them."
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Size 16.5x11.8 inches
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