Kabbalah Red silk Hamsa string goldfilled bracelet

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luxury version of the traditional kabbalah bracelet, bring luck and protection to the one who wear, hot fashionable trend
against the evil eye goldfilled Hamsa Israel luck blessed

D e t a i l s :

❤ The bracelet is made of genuine red leather, 3 mm thick with a goldfield Hamsa and a goldfield clasp

❤ The bracelet clasp is large and comfortable

❤ The Hamsa size is 1.3x2.1 cm

❤ The bracelet is 18 cm wide
extension chain
If you want a different size please specify in the order the size of the scope you want

❤ The red thread is used for protection against what we know as the "evil eye".
The Zohar, written about 2000 years ago, refers to the negative energy that one can pass on: "A person with an evil eye carries within it jealousy, which is a destructive emotion.
The eyes are windows of the soul and therefore they can transmit tremendous energy. When we look at other people with hatred or jealousy and send negative energy to them, so can other people. Envious and evil looks can prevent us from realizing our potential.
Our mother Rachel represents the protective aspect of the physical world. Her desire and purpose in life was to protect all her children from harm. It therefore stimulates the element of protection from within the universe. A large parcel of red thread is taken to Rachel's Tomb, located in Bethlehem. Where the red wire is wound seven times around the tomb point and absorbed in the energy of protection through meditation and intent. It is wrapped around the left wrist joint [the left represents the desire to receive] and remind ourselves whenever we look at it to avoid negative thoughts about another person.
The less we reduce our negative thoughts about others, the less destructive energy we will have for our lives.
Red thread helps you reduce the negative energy we send to others, and at the same time acts as a protective shield against any negative energy directed at us

❤ The bracelet will be sent in gift box

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