Glucodan tea | Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

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Contains: 100 tea bags
Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Reduces sugar and breaks down carbohydrates and fats which rises dangerously immediately after the meal.
100% Natural | Naturally sweet & Delicious
Sugar Free | No coloring | No preservatives | No artificial sweeteners
Nateul herbal ingredients: Salvia Fruticosa, Stevia, Olive leave, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, Gymnama, Inula Helenium.
Directions for use: 2 cups per day after meals.

The mechanism activity of the Glucodan tea divides in two:

1. Rehabilitates and activates the Pancreas.
This formula causes a discharge of a required quantity of Insulin by the Pancreas. Insulin helps the cells absorb sugar to produce energy and cell construction. This process reduces the sugar levels in the blood.

2. Glucodan Tea also helps in reducing the body’s resistance to insulin.
Diabetic`s body and those who have tendency for diabetes, starts creating a natural resistance towards Insulin. In other words it resists the Insulin absorption and thus the Insulin effectiveness on the cells decreases.
As a result, the sugar remains in the blood and not absorbed in the cells and thereby the sugar level in the blood rises
Drinking Glucodan tea decreases the body`s resistance to Insulin, the cells gets re-influenced by the Insulin, absorb the sugar, disassembles it and as a result stabilize the levels of sugar in the blood.
In addition, Glucodan tea contains Stevia leaves which makes it sweet and tasty for drinking nevertheless, it doesn’t increases the levels of sugar in the blood but decreases them.