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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
From The Jerusalem Collection (SA.003)

The large round pendant is made of sterling silver 925. It is designed like an ancient engraved coin inspired by the ancient coins that were found at the excavation in the old city of Jerusalem. At the center I engraved the Tower Of David and the walls of old Jerusalem. If you look carefully you will see also three engraved doves flying at the sky. The frame of this beloved picture is engraved with the verses SHA'ALU SHLOM YERUSHALAYIM which means in Hebrew "Ask/pray for the peace for Jerusalem" (New American Standard Bible: Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who loves you")
Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the land of Israel. The Holy land is being portrayed at this necklace by two ways: First I decorated the silver pendant with gold fig leaf and gold clusters of grapes. The Fig and the Grapes are two of the Seven Species / Shivat Haminim, which the land of Israel was blessed with. Then, inspired by the colors of the mountains surrounding Jerusalem and by colors of the trees and other vegetation I beaded the necklace with leaves shape natural Jasper. Between the Jasper leaves, I beaded white fresh water pearls that emphasize the colors of stones that represent the mountains.
"As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore". Psalm 125,2
ירושלם הרים סביב לה ויהוה סביב לעמו מעתה ועד עולם""

The clasp is large, designed like an abstract butterfly. It is very convenient to hold and to use it.
The pendant is signed at the back with 925 and with my logo and my name.

Sizes: The pendant is 1.5" /4cm diameter approx.
The necklace is 22 inches long

This beautiful Biblical necklace will be sent to your home door in a gift package.
The necklace is designed and made in Israel by the Israeli artist Hedva Elany.

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