Menorah necklace for Hanukkah, Kabbalah jewelry, Hebrew prayer, Made in Israel

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Coin pendant Menorah engraved with verses from BIRKAT KOHANIM "G-D will bless you, keep you and protect you", pearls beaded necklace, Judaica, Kabbalah, Israeli, religious jewelry (BC.502).
The pendant is made of sterling silver, designed like an ancient coin like the ones that were found in the excavations at Jerusalem. The coin is engraved with a verse from BIRKAT KOHANIM / high PRIESTS'S BLESSING in Hebrew script, which means "G-D will bless you, keep you and protect you" "YEVARECHECHA HASHEM VE- YISHMERECHA" "יברכך השם וישמרך". The coin is also decorated with a rose/pink gold MENORAH. A small flower on the MENORAH, reminds us the beautiful art work of BEZALEL: The menorah was designed with flowers and Magen David shapes.
The necklace is beaded with delicate fresh water pearls in three soft matching colors: grey, white and pink, combined with small silver and Goldfilled beads.

Sizes: The pendant is 1 inch / 2.5cm diameter approx.
The necklace is 17 inch / 42cm long.
It is possible to attach a silver extension chain for more options of length.

This beautiful necklace will be sent to you in a gift package.

The necklace is designed and made in Israel by the Israeli artist Hedva Elany.